Lookout Cabin, Crook County OR


The history behind this old, abandoned cabin seems to be lost among the local community. Although I found some rumors of it being used as a fire watch in the years prior, nothing seems definitive. Regardless, the cabin is obviously old and weathered as one would expect an abandoned structure to become. Some of the local youth have vandalized the inside with spray paint, and they weren’t even artistically inclined. Crude, uneven pentagrams and repetitive numbers now decorate the worn wood walls. It was a failed attempt to scare others into thinking the building was haunted or used for Satanic sacrifice; both only believed by the obvious fool. The roof is also caving in and the forest tree roots are starting to come up through the floorboards, making it easy to trip inside.

The surrounding area is beautiful though. The Ochoco National Forest around is thick and healthy. There is a field on one side which also includes a frog pond. I would recommend the area for summer camping as it really is quite lovely. I’d suggest a motor home or tent however, as the cabin itself is no longer suitable for a human to stay in unless desperate for shelter.




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