Hi-Lo Cafe, Weed CA

Weed California has made their city’s name their claim to fame. Shops selling pipes, bongs, and clever knick-knacks with weed related puns sit on almost every corner of downtown. It is the town of stoner humor, and it’s most popular location happens to be a truck stop style diner, the Hi-Lo Cafe. Partnered with the neighboring Motel and RV park, the Hi-Lo businesses take up most of the city block. The exterior, much like the interior, is cheap yet cozy.

I felt welcomed by the young waitress who seated us promptly. I myself ordered a classic burger, with all the dressings. The food wasn’t overly spectacular, but was still satisfying despite its basic tastes. However, the strawberry milkshake I ordered for dessert was beyond delicious. The excess ice cream that wouldn’t fit within my glass was served to me in a second metal cup, giving it a more classic ice cream parlor feel those new restaurant chains have forgotten about.

The entire experience felt relaxed and friendly. We were comfortable enough to stay a while after desert to just chat amongst ourselves. The waitress didn’t seem to mind the chance to take a break and check her phone, as we required no more service and the lunch rush had finally ended.

After lunch we climbed back into the car and left for the highway once more. We had somewhere else to be, and unfortunately Weed California just wasn’t it this time.


🌎: 88 S Weed Blvd, Weed, CA 96094
🌐: http://www.thehilocafe.com
📞: (530) 938-2904

Sun – Thurs 6AM–10PM
Fri & Sat 6AM – 11PM
Easter: Hours might differ


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