California Delta Hwy Between Antioch & Concord CA

The reason for this California trip was simple: to see my best friend get married. She insisted on having a very small ceremony in which I was serving as one of the only witnesses of their union. This is important for one reason: I cannot be late. Seems simple, but when you’re me you tend to get side tracked, take less traveled paths, get lost, and find yourself again. I simply don’t have time to do the usual. I have (and it kills me to say this) plans that cannot be broken or compromised.

This stretch of highway is my signal. She’s close. My best friend is only one more town over. It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen her, yet our friendship is as strong as when she moved away. Soon we’ll be sitting on her back porch, drinking beer, and reminiscing over the stupidity of our youth while wondering how we’re any smarter now that we’re adults. I miss her, and these yellow hills only serve as a reminder of why I’m here. I’m coming Ashley. I wouldn’t miss your big day for the world, even if it means ignoring the world while it calls to me.

Below are pics from the wedding. It was a fantastic beach ceremony.


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