Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz CA


It is typical for me to wander away from my friends to explore the world around me. If it weren’t for one of them snapping this picture, I wouldn’t have anything to remember this little adventure and I don’t want to forget it.

This trail snakes around the forest near the beach and took me two hours to reach the end (which was only a few meters from where I began). The wooden path you see only stretches for the first quarter of the trail, the part that crosses over shallow pools of water. It is filled with all sorts of wildlife including squirrels, birds, and lots of butterflies. In fact, this specifically is called the, “Monarch Trail” but is part of the Natural Bridges State Park in California.

For the whole walk I saw no one – I was alone. This is exactly what I needed. There was a lot of drama going on in the wedding party circle. I had little ambition to be a part of it yet somehow found myself in the middle. Luckily, by time my stroll was over all issues were worked out. Best of all; I didn’t have to involve myself in others pettiness, and I was feeling extra relaxed after my time alone with nature.


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