Four Horseman Hotel, Crook County OR

In the Ochoco National Forest, off the forest service road 42, there stands a historic building that has attracted locals for generations. This strange three story building standing in the middle of a sea of trees is known as The Four Horseman Hotel. The structure can be directly linked to the historical mercury mining that took part in Central Oregon and was originally built for the convenience of the local miners and saw workers. Directly behind it lays the remains of the Blue Ridge Mine, which is one of three major mercury mines in operation during these times.

The Four Horseman Hotel use to be a beautiful piece of history, but recent generations have used it as a party site and wrecked the inside. Not only does graffiti and empty beer cans now litter every inch of the interior, but they’ve even gone as far as to tear down entire walls during their destructive frenzies. It is disheartening to think of how disrespectful these people are as they’ve successfully ruined the site for anyone else who wanted to enjoy it. Luckily though, the legendary bee nest that once took over an outer wall seems to no longer be active. Small blessings, I suppose.



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