Powder House, Crook County OR

The Pioneer Powder House is a small building easily accessible from Powder House Cove on the Prineville Reservoir in Prineville Oregon. Although this is listed in the state archives as a historic site, all the details seem to be lost to time. We don’t know who built the Powder House, or why. The only sliver of information we seem to still have is that it was “likely” built by the original pioneers to the area, and that it was “likely” used as a communal hunting lodge during the fur trade… but that is all unverifiable. The building is interesting to see none the less, due to it’s uniqueness as an abandoned structure (most in this area are wooden cabins).

Aside from the Powder House, the Cove also offers a boat ramp so you can enjoy all the water sports you want, including fishing, water skiing, and swimming. There is also a short scenic hiking trail on the opposite side of the parking lot. All in all, the area offers a lot of fun aside from the interesting old building. Just watch where you step. This is rattlesnake country.




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