Forest Cemetery, Coeur d’ Alene ID

img_20170311_191804.jpgThis Is A Cemetery 

Lives are commemorated – deaths are recorded – families are reunited – memories are made tangible – and love is undisguised. This is a cemetery.
Communities accord respect, families bestow reverence, historians seek information, and our heritage is thereby enriched.
Testimonials of devotion, pride and remembrance are carved in stone to pay warm tribute to accomplishments and to the life – not the death – of a loved one. The cemetery is homeland for family memorials that are a sustaining source of comfort to the living.
A cemetery is a history of people – a perpetual record of yesterday and a sanctuary of peace and quiet today. A cemetery exists because every life is worth loving and remembering – always.

This poem is written on a sign within Forest Cemetery.

It was a rainy day in Coeur D’Alene Idaho, and the clouds overhead were dark as they sprinkled little drops of warm water over the town. The mood was right and it felt like the perfect day to take a stroll through the local cemetery. There’s something serene about walking through rows of tombstones that I simply don’t know how to properly express. Not only are these headstones a perfect historical record of the local history, but it is where we all go at the end of our lives. I guess it makes one humble to know that no one escapes this fate in which we all share, yet at the same time it motivates me to live a life worth remembering. I suppose it is safe to say I love cemeteries.

This particular one, called Forest Cemetery, was originally known as Fort Sherman Cemetery. It was owned by the US Army until 1898 when it was purchased by the City of Coeur d’Alene and renamed. The beautiful tombstone artwork scattered throughout the grounds is inspiring, and it became clear to me that uniqueness played a heavy role in choosing the head markers for these graves. No two were the same unless they were obviously designed to be displayed together, and more classic designs weren’t found as easily as they are in other cemeteries. Overall, this was the perfect place to start my exploration of Idaho.


🌎: 221 S 5th Street, Coeur d’Alene ID 83814
📞: (208) 769-2252


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