Falls Park & Dam, Post Falls ID

This relatively small park has a lot to offer it’s local community and those who come to visit it. There’s a duck pond with picnic areas surrounding, twisting walkways scribbled throughout the property, a kids park to keep the little ones entertained, and more importantly the scenic views from the hydroelectric dam’s waterfalls.

The hydroelectric dam provides not only a wondrous sight, but also a small history lesson. In the late 1800s a pioneer named Frederick Post built a sawmill and dam on the area after realizing its development potential. It was originally a timber-crib dam standing 20 feet high and several logs thick. In 1902 the mill had been destroyed by a fire, but the dam remained undamaged. Small remnants of this original dam are still present and preserved at the park.

In 1904 the Washington Water Power Company purchased the site from Frederick Post and started the plans for the dam currently on site. This is the same company that built the Monroe Street Dam in Spokane Washington.They were ambitious in their idea, and finished the construction of three dams and a powerhouse in Post Falls, Idaho within two years; no small feat for those early days. Since its completion, the Post Falls project has served as an important source of electricity for the operation of mines, mills, factories, cities, businesses, and railways in northern Idaho and eastern Washington.

Overall, this was a cute little park, with lots to keep both children and adults entertained. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

🌎: 305 W 4th Ave
Post Falls, ID 83854


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