Exotic Vape N Smoke, Kansas City KS


While visiting Kansas City I ran into a little issue; I broke my vape pen. For anyone with a nicotine addiction, you know that makes for a very unhappy individual. So I made a stop at Exotic Vape N Smoke to see what I could replace it with. When I walked through the door of the best smelling smoke shop ever I was greeted by a man named Rocky.

Rocky is a native to Kansas City and works at the vape shop. I showed him my broken vape pen and explained to him the reason it broke (Spinners have weak wiring and double threads which makes for broken wires and no electronic connection). He’d seen it before and recommended my current vape pen (an eGo AIO), and also sold me another version of my old Spinner so I’d have a backup should the element in the eGo go bad without replacement parts around. I also got a pack of elements for the eGo and a new flavor of juice, Suicide Bunny’s banana bread.

Rocky should be employee of the month for all the time he took to make sure we had everything we needed. He explained all the issues both my pens have had with other customers of his, set my new pen up for me while explaining the steps so I could do it myself later on, and found the perfect flavor for me. He also recommended some great places to go in Kansas City.

I wish one of these stores existed in every city, complete with their own Rocky’s. I expected this shopping experience to be similar to having teeth pulled, but Rocky made it enjoyable. Thanks dude!



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