Beaver Lake, Township 1 AR


While traveling through Arkansas I had the pleasure of driving over Beaver Lake. During my drive the area was issued a flash flood warning, due to heavy rain fall. You cannot tell in the image, but it was pouring down so hard that the road we were driving on had already been washed out. All traffic was going about 30 MPH instead of the posted 70 MPH speed limit. It was chaotic, hectic, and nerve wrecking to try and drive in the storm. Then we came to a bridge. The lake looked so peaceful in this sea of destruction, like it’s entire purpose was to endure the storm.

Ironically, that is Beaver Lake’s purpose. It is a flood control lake that came into existence  when Beaver Dam was authorized for construction by the Flood Control Act of 1944. Although the dam does include two turbines for hydroelectric purposes, it was not the original intent. Since its creation, Beaver Lake is estimated to have prevented $52.5 billion in flood damage.

The lake is also a major source of recreational entertainment for the area. It includes hiking trails, camp spots, boat docks, and fishing competitions. However, to me it will always be the calm in the center of the storm.


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