About The Girl…



My idol hands and restless feet make me do it.

Hello! My name is Sunny and who I am is kind of hard to explain. See, I’m a workaholic who loves to party. It was challenging to find a way to balance these two personality traits and I struggled with finding the happy medium for years. Then I discovered freelance work. The idea of being my own boss really appealed to me, but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. One job turned into three or four, and now my sole source of income comes from the jobs I agree to take. I’ve done freelance writing, photography, modeling, web design, and computer programming. With all these odd jobs combined I’m able to afford to do what I really want; travel and experience everything.

So that’s what I do. I travel to different places, meet new people, and experience everything I can in the short amount of time I’m there, all while still working. I love a good adventure which can be anything from a night deep in the woods to a night partying in the city; I’m happy either way. I’m also super easy going, and make friends everywhere I am. Sometimes I go back just to visit them. I honestly prefer living out of my suitcase and am grateful to be able to travel so much.

This is my story; my virtual journal. I try to document all the fun stuff I do so I can show everyone what I’m up to. If there’s something you think I need to do then tell me in the comments or email me at: